Competitive Advantages

Window covering, flyscreen and awning manufacturers sector is highly competitive and globalized. Nevaluz is positioned as a first level manufacturer, 100% committed with innovation, design and quality to meet the needs of window covering, home decor, blinds, installers and architects.

We have used high-tech equipment and positioned ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of sun protection systems.

The accuracy and guarantee that requires aircrafts and cars fused with the industrial manufacture of awnings and canopies. The main advantages are:

Versatility: From graphic design to production.
Capacity: Single Sequence for all parts
Accuracy: Guaranteed 99.99%
Fluency: Optimization of production time

Focusing on sustainability and competitiveness through continuous improvement, we keep on developing more functional and versatile products through the following standards:

Functionality - Flexibility - Scalability - Reliability


Our worldwide expansion leads to a substantial increase in production, logistics capacity, productivity and service to our customers.

Our strategic alliance with leading textile manufacturers and freight forwarding agencies completes our commitment to quality and customer orientation.

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