Nevaluz Group focuses on quality throughout the whole organization to meet the customers’ needs, thanks two key competences:

  • Integral control that allows faster production chain

  • Design process combined with high technologies.

Constantly orienting our actions towards customers, we are aware fully aware that the access to a high performance-production line means a substantial advantage to our customers, such as cost reduction and short delivery times.  

Elements that represent our objective of excellence:

1. Short delivery time
2. Customized customer relationship
3. Moulds and dies control
4. Online orders and data capture
5. Quality control, integrated traceability
6. Experience in international shipments

Our 100% vertically-integrated manufacture is the result of continuous investment in improvement and expansion projects. Our main difference is the fusion between raw material supplier and manufacturer, without intermediaries thus avoiding product shortages and optimizing lead times. Furthermore, Nevaluz is able to create custom-made production projects for our customers.

• Aluminum billet casting and profile extrusion
• Powder coating and anodizing
• Plastic Injection
• Wood imitation foils and sublimation
• Strategically located warehouses of profiles, fabrics and accessories.

We guarantee our commitment to quality through excellence demonstrated in our benchmarking studies. Achieving and maintaining these high levels is possible thanks to an agile organization and a solid and structured control of data processing, production and shipping.

  1. Integrated digital management
  2. Strategic check points
  3. Statistic productivity control
  4. Latest machining technology

The competitive difference of Nevaluz is based on the training of our employees for the proper performance of their duties. Supporting initiatives to improve processes and transparent information policy across all departments.

Given the above, the combination of design and engineering, investment and projection, high production quality and customized service define Nevaluz Group as one of the most competitive manufacturer of its branch.

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