Quality policy

For a company like NEVALUZ SEVILLA, S.L. is able to provide the service requested by national and international markets, it is necessary that the idea of Quality is present in all activities and decisions of the organization and that all staff assume that:

Each employee or employee is responsible for the quality of their own work.

This is a strategic objective of NEVALUZ SEVILLA, SL, as well as the manufacture of products whose Quality level makes them competitive from the market point of view, adequate to the current legislation (legal and regulatory requirements) and the client's contractual requirements and profitable from the point of view of the Company.
For this, the policy adopted by NEVALUZ SEVILLA, S.L., is to work, under a documented quality system based on the UNE standards, which is regularly checked for adequacy, efficiency and continuous improvement.

All personnel will be required to know and comply with all that is established in the basic documentation of the Quality System: Quality Manual and Quality Operating Procedures.

The system of Quality that is implemented has as general objectives:

Ensure that products manufactured by NEVALUZ SEVILLA, S.L. meet the requirements and expectations of customers.
Prevent the occurrence of problems caused by non-compliance with the requirements, as well as the use of defective products, documents or services.
Create a Quality framework through the continuous improvement of the business management and the products or services offered.

These general objectives will be set out in quantifiable annual objectives, whose fulfillment reaches all the staff of NEVALUZ SEVILLA, S.L., and whose follow-up is carried out through the System reviews.
The dissemination of the Policy and the Quality Objectives is the responsibility of the Quality Manager.
This Manual of Quality Management, as well as the Quality documents referenced in the same and that develop it are applicable in the entire scope of NEVALUZ SEVILLA, S.L.
The Manager and his Management Team are convinced that this path will serve to increase the Quality Culture of all Company personnel.

D. Juan Ramón Rodríguez

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